Sunday, September 21, 2014

An open letter to parents

I don't stare to judge I stare in awe, in wonder, in curiosity.

Dear Parents, Guardians, Grandparents, Babysitters, Siblings....

I stare because I care. 

In the past, before I had children, I would watch all "types" of parenting being displayed in the public.  I wasn't for sure why or what I was watching, but I would just watch.  It is in my nature to observe and gather information.  And little did I know, I was doing just that, preparing me for a time of parenthood. 

I stare because I care.

I care to know how to do better for my own child.  I stare because I am wondering - does "that" *insert whatever action of discpiline, bribery, love, trick*  really work?  Will "that" work on my child? 

Yes, sometimes I do stare becuase I want to make sure that your child is safe.  As an educator we are also trained to be mandated reporters.  We are there to protect all children, at any given time.  I am not staring to make you feel like less of an adult, less of a parent, less or beneath me in any way.  I truly want to make sure your child is safe and that whatever you are doing is for the greater good of your child's life.

I spank.  Yes.   Is it punishment or discipline?  To those who don't believe in spanking, it's punishment.  They too might stare if I was to spank my child in public. 

I stare because I need to know that I am not alone.   I am not alone in the feeling of "am I doing this right"    I am not alone in the sense of that I can't believe my child just did *insert whatever creative nerve clinching stunt your child probably JUST did*.   

As parents, we are too hard on ourselves.   We live in a day where parenting is always in your face.

Should we do disposables or cloth diapers?
Breast or bottle?
Make or buy your food?
Name brand or no brand clothing?
Ipad at 5 or wait?
Shoes outside, why not?  Or why?
Pop before they are 12?  Juice needs to be watered?
Spanking?  No!
Time out?  No!
No yelling - lourder voices so they can hear.
Crib, cosleep, baby bed, gate, couch, floor?
Carry your child?  Swing your child?
Cry it out?  Pacifier?  Feed all hours? Schedule?

There are too many things to drive a wedge between parents and those who care for children.   We have to remember to look to the commonality in all of this - WE WANT THE BEST FOR OUR CHILDREN.   WE WANT THEM TO GROW UP TO BE BETTER THAN WE WERE. 

So, from a new parent, I want you to know that I am not really staring to make you feel uncomfortable.  I am starring at you, because I am learning from something better than a book written by doctors who don't have children but have done "studies".     And the next time I am caught where someone is glaring me down as I parent - STOP - come talk to me.  Ask me questions about my style.  We need to band together and stop tearing each other apart. 

Just the other day I felt so little dropping my son off for church nursery on Wednesday nights.   I was having him go over our rules with me (it's been all summer since Wednesday night time and needed to remind him" 

I say: rule number 1 we listen       he says "and obey"
I say: rule number 2 be                  he says "gentle"
I say: rule nubmer 3 have a good  he says "attitude"
I say: we do this because we         he says "love people" 

After we finished this another parent dropped thier child off and chuckled and walked off.  It stung a bit.  Are you laughing because you think it's cute?  Laughing because you think it's going to fail?  Laughing because you are covering up your own pain?   It would have been nice to stop and have a mommy conversation about what just went down.    Who knows - maybe she went home and wrote a blog about what she "encountered" at church that night "the most bizzare thing!"  =] 

So parents, we need to bond over having children.  We need to get over OUR differences and truly make this world a better place for our children to grow up in. 

Let's stop staring and do more talking.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It feels like late fall.

I love. I mean truly am crazy about fall.  

The strange part is that I usually go through a small phase of seasonal depression around this time.   

Driving to work yesterday - it was 45 or 50 degrees out - it felt like November not the start of September.  I am okay with that.  

This morning, it was hard to leave my cocoon of warmth, but so worth it.  Making biscuits and gravy while laundry whirled and coffee brewed is the best way to slow down.   We continued with chocolate chip cookies and brownies.   

I love baking. And I love fall. 

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to go with two good friends to daughter of the king rally.  Our god is so great. Worshipping with sisters is always a blessing.   We are all important, created in his image, and should love, encourage, build one another up.   

Our family is busy. Always.  And we need to stop. 

Prayer focus 
~ our ban toons hearts to love and not judge 
~ Robinson family going to N Africa. 
~ t and l in NYC. 
~ melkamu and Ethiopia 
~ Emily and family working with Glenda. 
~ z and h family 
~ our new community and it's purpose (love and healin) 
~ a and m and path to family 
~ small girl group - reading James.  Open hearts 
~ youth group girls - challenges to follow Jesus 
~ Jeremiah - balancing all tasks 
 ~ neighbor jane and her husbands surgery recovery 

God we are so thankful for salvation and your son. We are so unworthy of all you've done.   May we be better humble servants. May we build up one another in truth and gentleness.  May we be generous and compassion. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The posts slow down

Summer I had daily post. But now it's becoming a challenge for weekly.  

This morning I heard lots of inspiration about Ephesians and how we need to be in the word.  

I realize I spend so much time on my phone. 

I would like to rest some goals: 

Spend less than three hours a day with media (tv, emails, Facebook, Pinterest, etcetera).  

Eat less than or equal to three sweet treats a week.  

Maintain healthy caloric intake.  Depending on prego or not :) 

Read the word in the morning five times a week 

Workout three or more times a week. 

Anyway.  This week of school I was stressed but still don't come home depressed like I did at other districts.   Plus.  I have two really small classes. Plus.   

Hmm. Pictures 
We went to Kc last weekend with Michael and Ayla Thomas. We had a blast.  

Gideon picked apples with my mom and aunt Becky.   It was hot but he helped for the whole hour and half.  

Enjoying mud on a hot day after I got home from work.  

It's been a great busy week.   Ready for fall. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

School is here ....

Monday - Gideon not only woke up dry at six to go potty but slept in until 8!!  Today was my first day back to school, by choice to get room ready.  Gideon was at my moms until 5:45 :( he had no accidents and a dry nap.  He's been doing better at taking off his shorts but struggles with them.  I am very proud of him.   Two months and would like to say he's 80% trained.  

Tuesday - Gideon has three accidents. Mainly my mom and my owns fault.  But had a fun day.  I spent time at the school. It was my moms bday and we grilled out with family. 

Wednesday - no accidents.  I spent half day in class. And enjoyed time with Gideon. 

Thursday - I got my haircut off! See pic below.   Gideon had an accident free day! 

Friday - spent time with done friends.  Then Gideon went to my parents while we played board games with friends.  Gideon was accident free! 

Saturday - Jeremiah and I had a wedding  to go to.  Then had dinner and got Gideon a beta fish - named George.  Another accident free day! 

Sunday - after dinner we went to our friends house for an authentic Kenyan dinner - yummy!    Gideon got bit by a dog, his fish died, fell out of a bed, and he peed on the bathroom floor by the potty.  Rough day.   But we had so much fun!  

Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 9 of summer

Monday - woke up wet at 5:30 and wanted to go more.  Early nap today. But no accidents all day.  Lazy day because I was sick.

Tuesday - woke up wet, wet at nap, hung out with Ayla as I was helping with Jacob get his car tagged.   At grandma and papa.  NO ACCIDENTS 

Wednesday/Thursday - we took a family trip and had him in pull ups most of the time. 3 hour drive.  Limited bathrooms. Lines.  But the whole two day trip we only used five pull ups.

Friday - woke up dry. this morning we went and hung out with our friend laurel and her son ryker.  Came home and Jeremiah made us lunch.  Gideon napped while we organized the garage/basement.  Gideon peed the bed , went potty, and back to sleep.  We had a good evening and accident free. 

Saturday - woke up dry, dry nap. NO ACCIDENTS AT ALL.  Went to pancake breakfast, the park, a birthday party, and out to eat for dinner with my parents for my birthday.  

Sunday - woke up dry, dry nap, no accidents!!  Found out my dear friend heather is getting married!!  After church I ran/walked during Gideon's nap and got ready for a fun night with Michael and Ayla.   Start school next week. Stressed already!  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Week eight of summer

 Monday - NO ACCIDENTS - told us when to potty all day long!   I think he's finally getting it figured out! 

Tuesday - wet morning, wet nap but no accidents.  He almost had one when he drank three cups of water after the park - he told me had to go and wet a little in undies as we were taking them off.  Good day. Gx hung out at my parents in the evening.  No accidents! 

Wednesday - woke up dry.  Went to the movies. Went potty at the movies, old navy, the mall. Dry nap. Great night at parents. ACCIDENT FREE! 

Thursday - woke up wet, dry nap, one pee accident with my mom - she gets distracted with other people, he was on his way to the bathroom. Other than that he had a greet day. 

Friday - woke up dry, had a poop accident. I wasn't paying attention and didn't make him go.  Other wise no other accidents with mom/dad.  

Saturday - woke up dry, had friends over for breakfast than went to the farmers market and a side walk sale, and took out our recycling. No accidents.  He peed in a pull up while we were in the car for over two hours. 

Sunday - I was/am sick so we didn't make it to church.  But no accidents !!  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Week seven - summer almost over

Monday - no accidents!!  Had a great day at the park and playing with daddy.  Wet night.

Tuesday- dry night went to see family. He wet his pull up on the 2.5 hour drive there. But had no accidents all day!  Or coming home. 

Fun with cousins!! 

Wednesday - woke up dry after a long day of fun yesterday.   Peed in our little kiddie pool but napping getting ready to drive 1.25 hours to see my grandpa.  No accidents unless you count the night time drive home tinkle ity bitty bit ;) 

Thursday - after library hour we went to my moms where we shucked corn for EVER! He only had an accident after his nap, but it was in a strange place and we were outside.   

Friday - no accidents. In the evening we went to a BBQ for a family friend who was back from service.  Gideon fell and got two skinned knees. We had fun. 

Saturday - we had a fun morning with watching two kiddos for an old friend.  Little e is the same age as Gideon and is so adorable!  My parents came over so Jeremiah and I could go to a beautiful wedding.  At night my dad took Jeremiah and Gideon to the movies. I wasn't feeling well.  NO ACCIDENTS AGAIN!! 

Sunday - church were Gideon went twice.  At home he kept telling us when he needed to potty. :) another accident free day. 

How do you define potty training? 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Week six - dive into July

Monday - no accidents!  We babysat two other kiddos for a few hours, that was a lot of fun.  Walked to the park and hung out with daddy after dinner.  Day 3 no accidents!   So proud 

Tuesday - woke up dry.  Had a poop accident and a small pee (in pull-up coming home from dollar movies) than a small pee accident at moms.  

Wednesday - woke up dry, had a semi poo (he finished in potty) and than flat out peed at the table at dinner. Sad. It was a rough day in general for emotions too.  Tomorrow's a new day.     I think I might try bottomless again. 

Thursday - woke up dry!  No accidents! We went to library hour. Then to my moms for lunch - when we were driving he asked to go potty and he held it.   We also went to the fair where he ASKED to go with daddy. 

Friday - woke up in the middle of the night, took him potty.  He woke up dry!  Did great all day.  I had a women's bible group to attend while they had boys night. No accidents!  

Saturday - Gideon wet the bed at 4 this morning. But came and told and HELPED ME change sheets!   My dad took him out for guys morning (hair cut, breakfast, farmers market, play with cousin Seth's dogs) and had no accidents.  Tonight before dinner he said potty - but Jeremiah didn't rush him to the potty so he had a semi accident while taking off undies.  But still great he told us.  

Sunday / no accidents.  His pull up after church was wet, but he did try for them, just held it too long.  But that's okay.  Different environment. 

I  so blessed with our little family. 
Love watching them love and bond with each other over books! 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Week five Potty training

I like being able to track progress - not matter what it is, if I can attach a number to it or graph it - I will. 

Start of week five for Gideon's potty training. 
Yesterday (Sunday) was the first sunday he didn't have an accident at church!  He even went potty for them!  I was so excited.  Although he didn't want to nap and when I was about to put him back in bed for the upteenth time, he grabbed his bottom and told me "poop"  he went a little, but made a majority in the potty.

Monday - he had a "semi" poo accident this morning.  I was using the potty, and he was really quiet in his room.  When I went to check on him, he was holding his bottom.  He went poo a little, but than went the rest in the toliet.  I feel like we are digressing in the poo department.  The last four weeks he would tell us when he needed to go poo.   He stayed dry while we WALKED to the park! He's currently in nap.  =]  Me personally, my workout is done!  =]  
He had two nap pee accidents.  But had a ton to drink after the park.  
So working on him telling us. 

Tuesday - no accidents. Told us when he needed to potty a few times (including twice at the dollar movies).  We were thrilled. 

Wednesday - no accidents at home. Went to grandmas and had two accidents in five hours  :/

Thursday - two accidents. But we were in the car on our way to visit with family/vacation; and he told us - just didn't make it to a potty in time. 

Friday - one accident, didn't go at the park but on the way home with my mom. He loved the fireworks. 

Saturday - no accidents. Went to a plane museum and a cool pub restraunt.  It was busy and he went potty. We've also enjoyed the pool, golf, disc golf, and time with family. 

Sunday - we went to church with my great aunt sherry. Gideon asked and went potty.  What an improvement!!  So far no accidents :)  we will be going back home later today. 

I can't believe tomorrow is the start of July! GRAH  That means my summer is closer to being over than it is to starting.  I look forward to going back to teaching end the.  I look forward to not having such a short fuse with Gideon (being with him all day, sometimes his complaining gets to my nerve). 

God is so good.  I am so blessed for what summer I have enjoyed. 

Thank you

Thank you God.
I am relaxing this afternoon in your name.  Although I did not fast - from anything - I want to praise you for all of your glory. 
Thank you for being able to worship you without fearing death.
Thank you for giving us funds to contribute to missionary causes and a variety of ministries. 
Thank you for every breath I take - and how precious life is.
Thank you for an idependent, strong, activie, smart little boy.  Who is gentle, loving, and quick. 
Thank you for a husband who is willing to transform to be more like you - no matter the struggle.
Thank you for friends who stand at my side through my own transformation and care for me in the darkest.
Thank you for the love of a church to help others.
Thank you for your son, the king, to take our sins.
Thank you for forgiveness and give me more opportunities than I deserve.
Thank you for protection from the elements in a house that we can maybe bless our neighbors more.
Thank you for the chance to pray a loud with children - and may our voice grow stronger.
Thank you for a job that I can love on students and indirectly teach them about Jesus.
Thank you for family that is there and can talk me down in the heat of a moment. 
Thank you.
Thank you.

I will always be lacking in something.  Not prayerful enough, faithful enough, fasting enouch, giving enough, loving enough, listening enough, healthy enough.   But you are still my father, God, and you still love the flaws in me. 

thank you.

Friday, June 27, 2014

It's almost July!

Gideon and I have had a blessed summer. I am trying to remember to cherish it with him and pamper myself knowing that next summer it probably won't be as relaxing.   

Updates on potty training: 

Week four - 
Monday - only one accident at night. Was so excited during play. 
Tuesday - no accidents.  Asked to go pee and pooh by himself. Held his pee for four hours while at the mall.  So excited! 
Wednesday - only one accident - outside playing frisbee golf with daddy. 
Thursday - no accidents, even went potty at the library with momma!!  
Friday - an accident in the morning. As I was cleaning up, his " potty alarm" went off.   :(  but was dry when we went to the park and went potty at Aylas.  Currently in nap. Stayed the night at my parents and was accident free. 
Saturday - no accidents!   Picked Gideon up at mom/dads and then has brunch and went to a park.  Enjoyed reading in the cool summer, napped during a summer storm, read with Gideon and finished with making cookies for Jeremiah and going for a jog. 

I am so excited with his progress. Waking up dry both night and naps.  Very few poop accidents (he usually goes in the morning) and verbally tells us when he needs to go.  

Our biggest thing we need to work on is asking mom and daddy to go. That will be next months "challenges". 

We have also started using pull ups when we go out more.   He knows what it's like to have accidents but it is so much nicer on everyone - when we don't smell like pee.   We still take him potty, but it releases stress on my part.  

Also. "Bonus" to accidents is that it gives us a reason to clean.  Clean our floors. The couch. The kitchen chairs, almost all of them.  The bed. The rocking chair.  The toilet.  Haha. It's very clean in our home now ;) 

Family related. 
We are starting to support a family going on a mission to North Africa.  We pray that our small contribution will bless them and that the serving Jesus in those difficult areas will also be blessed.  
We still sponsor melkamu - our compassion child who is living in Ethiopia. 
Jeremiah received a blessing that he will no longer be serving with the 4-6th graders on Sundays but will be leading worship Thursday nights for a group for addicts going through recovery. I  excited to see how this mission will go.  

I personally have been feeling overwhelmingly blessed.  There is a peace in my heart about my identity in Jesus.  I am so loved and continue to feel his love through several people.  It is true - the more you sow the more you reap.  It's not about me, and what I get out of a relationship - but what I can give to others.  It had taken so much time learning this - buts blessing for sure. I am trying to be humble and continue to do kingdom work.   I am a work in progress - but his arms around me are so tight.  

I look forward to some family time over the holiday that is coming up.  It will be a nice get away for sure.     

God is so amazing.  I am just so in love with life right now.   Just have a lot of people to pray for - always.   

Back to reading, laundry, relaxing. :) 

Some pictures from the past week: 

Feeding animals at the zoo. 

Picking blueberries! We have gone twice.  Not to forget the blackberries I have picked in our backyard! 

On our way home from the library.  I got maze runner - never read it. 

He made an airplane train.  So smart. 

With love and blessings. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Potty training!!

We are in the middle of the fourth week of training - and it's going well. 

Week one - we started out with bottomless days. Had several accidents but slowly became more successful.   

Week two - we removed his potty chair to get use to the potty ring on the big boy toilet.  We also started going to grandmas in the am while I went to vbs.  went three days without accidents!!! 

Week three - had one to two accidents a day.  Luckily in three weeks we have only had about five pooppy accidents (two were with Gma).   Most naps and mornings waking up dry. :) 

Week four - 
Monday - only one accident at night. Was so excited during play. 
Tuesday - no accidents.  Asked to go pee and pooh by himself. Held his pee for four hours while at the mall.  So excited! 
Wednesday - so far dry.  Asleep at nap. 

1) I am lucky that we started on my summer vacation so I had a lot of time to pay attention. 
2) our son has never been clingy.  He loves challenges, solving problems, and being independent. 
3) he has watched us potty for his whole life. 
4) we started with the three day naked.  It was a great start. 
5) first week we watched Daniel tiger episode about princess Wednesday going potty. He likes and even watched it today.  Great theme song that I've heard him sing in bed.  :) 
6) we rewarded with stickers, m&ms, fist bumps, hugs, dances, kisses, and flushing the toilet.  
7) we wear pull-ups at night (can be reused if dry). We sometimes where them out in places that don't have good potties. Or easy place to change. 
8) bought a foldable potty to carry with us and it works great. We also have disinfect wipes to wipe it off before going back in the bag. 
9) breathe!  
10) pray and praise. 
11) when getting frustrated leave.  My husband has rescued me two times where I was having a bad mommy day.  He would take over and I would remove myself from the situation. 
12) apologize for being an upset mommy - even if they don't know - it makes them feel grown up.  Tell them you'll do better tomorrow. 
13) talk about it to everyone when they go!  
14) talk about underwear.  Gx likes them because they are like "daddies"
15) pray 
16) remind them they are in control. They get to decide that they are big kids. 
17) track their progress. I found a free potty app that would set reminders and track how they are doing.  It helps remind everyone when they need to go. 
18) pray. 
19) love on them no matter what! 
20) remember this takes time. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

A little bit of everything.

Good afternoon!  At least it is in our home. 
I am sorry for not being able to post as frequently as I would like.  When I do post I have to use my work's laptop and I usually don't have that out at will.   I am not for sure why I have a need to tell you this - who are you anyhow?  Who's really reading this... haha.

So, for some updates: 
POTTY TRAINING - GX is almost done with week two of potty training!  I honestly wanted to give up on the first day - I didn't think I WAS READY.... GX was for sure ready - totally.    But we stuck with it and it seems to be going well.  I am such a "researcher" and "data driven" type of person that it's hard for me to do something new without details before hand.   How often should he go?  How much should he go?  When should he go?  Where should he go? This and that?  and Whom and What and When and WHHHYYY is he peeing in the kitchen - again!?!   =]  But seriously.
I need to look at the small achievements he has made in the last two weeks.
He has not had a wet nap - wakes up from his 3 hour nap coma dry.
The last four nights he has woken up dry.
I've only had to change three or four poopy accidents - the rest our successess.
We can tell when he has to go now - he holds his peepee. 
This morning he asked to go potty when he woke up!

We are getting there!    He's just so big.  Although I get frustrated - he never stops amazing me.  His creativity, his quickness, and his compassion is amazing.   I pray that God does something great with him. 

FAMILY UPDATES - Jacob graduated high school.  That is my brother in law who has been living with us the last year and a half to finish high school.  We are so happy and proud of him.  He's becoming an adult!   Jeremiah is enjoying his job for the most part.  It's great to have a little extra income over the summer (yeah new kitchen table that can sit three times as many as our small one)!!    Matthew, our summer college student, has also been a joy in our household - he is working and keeping busy but enjoys grilling with the family. 

VBS - yes.  Vacation Bible School.  Growing up I had loving parents who took me to a small country missionary baptist church.  But it wasn't until about two years ago that my husband and I started going to a larger christian church.   It's truly changed me, and in a good way.  I am always transforming and trying to become better. Although I never grew up going to camps, Wednesday nigh programs, VBS - these past two summers serving has been wonderful.  I do wish I had those opportunities as a kid, but it's good to know that I am getting to help others learn more about Jesus and what our mission is on earth.    Know the MASTER, know the MISSION.  
Mission 1 - be loyal to our KING
Mission 2 - be humble and serve others
Mission 3 - perserve and don't give up
Mission 4 - recruit others and spread the good news. 

MY PERSONAL SPIRTUAL GROWTH - I struggled, a lot last night, about the kitchen.  YES, the kitchen.  DISHES - GAH... DISHES!!    Now that there is another adult in the house dishes are more apparent.  Are there any other adults who feel like they are they only ones doing something in the house?  The laundry, the sweeping, the mopping, the vaccumming, the dish (un)loading, the dishes by hand, the cooking, the buy food, the cleaning table, the... the...  the "the's" never end!  I felt so bad about myself that I eneded up hurting my husband - never my intentions - just frustrated with potty training and living with four boys in general.    But while at VBS we are learning to be humble, serve others and that we are to do things for those in need.    So my question is - is it wrong for me to be upset that I feel so alone serving those in our house instead of others in need?
A few girls and I are working on a few books this summer.  The meetings HAVE BEEN wonderful.   I have never been as into my bible as I have had this summer.  I hope to create a loving office habit with Jesus that by the time crazy school starts I will CRAVE having time with the word and Jesus.  Our church, as mentioned before is a larger christian church, does a wonderful job helping us learn what it means to live and love like Jesus.    Through VBS, serving in Jr. High sunday school classes, or having women meet - it's been awesome!   I look at my husband, and our house, and just can't imagaine us living without God in our lives.  Even our rules for Gideon are based around the bible. 

1) Listen and Obey (do as you should)
2) Be Gentle (with our words and hands)
3) Have a good attitude (no whinning/complaining/throwing fits/be content)
I personally love them - they cover everyhing!  Our 27 month old knows to even say "yes, ma'am!"  YUEAH!!   

More updates:

HEALTH - I am trying so hard to lose weight this summer.  I need to stay focus (part of our girls group is discussing our issues with food).    I just want to be fit!  Do things!  MOVE MORE.    with that we are trying to eat out less and cook more vegetbales.  Jeremiah got a new grill for father's day and so that's been an awesome treat.   

So, that's us.  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Almost SUMMER!!

We are almost on summer vacation... for me.   Jeremiah will be working for another school district cleaning rooms and getting the school ready for the next year.  I am excited that he will be able to contribute financially to our home and to keep him busy working around people that he can be Jesus too.  

Life is complicated to say the least.  Jeremiah calls them seasons.   I am trying to move on to the next season - and I've realized I've been making changes:

Moving my classroom around getting ready for next year (next season). 
Rearrange our bedroom - different season.
Getting ready to potty train Gideon - starting a new season with him - welcome to being a big boy!  
Being in a girls group and study more about who I need to be to be more like Jesus.

It has been a challening season.  I have never blamed Jesus on what happened.   My faith is still growing.  But what hurts is that I was blamed for not being like Jesus by people who thought they were being like Jesus - and then stopped acting like Jesus... yeah confusing, I know. 

I just don't know what to do.  I am here to please God.  I am here to do Kingdom work.  I am here to serve my husband.  I am here to teach my children.  I am here to love people.  I am here to be like Jesus.  Yes, I can be loud, saracastic..... but I just some how don't understand what happened.  

Prayers.  Ready for Summer - a new season. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Raining awesome Saturday.

Gideon and I were able to enjoy ou Saturday.  Playing with boxes and coloring.  We went to my parents for a cookout where Gx enjoyed playing in the rain.  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gideon's birth story

Gideon Xavier Jones
Born: March 2, 2012 at 2:58 a.m.
Weight: 7lbs. 15oz.
Height: 20 inches
Head: 14.5 inches
Labor time: 36+ hours

"My Story"   Labor from a soon to be born's perspecive;

Wednesday, February 29 (Happy Birthday Heather), night mommy got very little sleep. Finally around 4 she started to count how far apart her contractions were. Around six oclock they start to become 4 minutes apart. Mommy called her mom, Grandma Marwene, to tell her to not go see her parents. Mommy then woke daddy up and told him to call into work for I, Gideon, was coming. Mommy wanted to take a shower and still needed to pack her bag. They left for the hospital around 9 am March 1st and where checked in around 10 am. Mommy was checked and was dilated to a 4. She wanted to have an all natural birth so to progress labor/contractions she went for walks. After an hour she was at a 5, after another hour of walking and contractions she was at a 6, same thing happened for 7. However when mommy hit the dilation of a 7, she was stuck. Mommy went through painful contractions for three hours and didn't progess anymore. She was very discouraged and hurting. She finally "broke" and took the epidural (a drug that makes your lower half of your body numb). She instantly felt much better, still in control but not in pain (just pressure). She then dilated to a 10 very quickly. They decided to give her petocin to make her contractions stronger so that I could come. Luckily she wasn't in as much pain. The doctor said mommy needed to push to get me out. Mommy pushed and pushed and pushed (you should have seen her face). Daddy and Grandma Marwene were there to help mommy through everything. Daddy said later "it was like a war zone!" After three and half hours of intense pushing and true laboring Sue, the on call midwife decided to get Dr. Cox to see what they should do next. My head was just stuck in the canal and kept hitting mom's pelvic bone. Dr. Cox had mommy push a few times, but nothing. At some point as mommy puts it "everyone was running around the labor room and I just yelled, I need to push!!!!!!" So, mommy started pushing and Dr. Cox "reached in" and grabbed me. Daddy said that after I was pulled out my umbilical cord had burst all over the sweetest nurse Julie (mommy said she was her favorite!). I had a low apgar scale because mommy made my birth traumatic, so says the doctors. But I turned out just fine.
I was born at 2:58 a.m. on March 2, 2012. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me, because I'm super cute. Mommy has started nursing me, I like it and eat a whole bunch at a time. I'm a pretty cool baby and just never really fuss.

Today, I had the sniffles so they are monitoring me a bit closer and taking a few test. We'll let you know how things are going. Mommy and Daddy are not worried, so you shouldn't be either! I'm such a healthy boy, going to be a good day!


Welcome the few who read this.  Welcome my thoughts that need to be set free.  Welcome the emotions that need to released.  Welcome the challenge of keeping up a blog (and not losing the passwod).  Welcome all comments - good and bad.   Welcome.  

A little introduction:
My name is Megan Jones.  I use to journal, blog, write ALL OF THE TIME.  Than, I grew up.    But, I have missed it.  I have missed the freedom of sharing  with the world (even though no one reads this anyhow). 

I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 6 years (coming up next week).  Jeremiah and I have had our ups and down without a doubt.  But we are trying to focus our marriage on Christ and we are both trying to live like Jesus - transforming as individuals as also allowed for our marriage to transform into something truly amazing. 

We have an active 27 month old (yes, you just had to do math there to figure out he's a little over 2 years old).  GX is a delight in our lives.  I know most parents brag about their kids - but seriously he is so sweet and understanding and never gives up on solving problems.  I really do think he's the best.   For the summer we have a college student living with us, Matthew.  I am sure he is getting to expereience all sorts of things of being around a two year old.   WAIT, we aren't done.  My husband's brother, Jacob, also lives with us.  That's right there is a 4-1 ration of boys in my house. 

Not only do I take care of our home.  But I also take care of 140 other children.  I teach.   I teach math.  I teach 7th grade pre-algebra.  And, guess what... I LOVE IT!!  We are about to finish up our second year - and I am so thankful that at an early age I knew from the start what I wanted to do with my life.    Although there are days where I want to pull my hair out - I wouldn't change it for the world. 

The little things about me:  I am simple and old fashioned.  I love photography, traveling, and nature.  I am a horrible speller or anything to do with language.  I love polka-dots and fun music.    I enjoy mowing our yard and growing things.  I encourage my family to recycle and eat healthy (eating healthy is a huge struggle hear at the Jones' home). I love cooking for people, but baking is my 'gift'.  I am trying to learn not to take charge/control everything and allow God to take care of me.   I am outspoken, honest, and blunt.  I am working on knowing when to keep my mouth shut and how to tactfully address situtions with my words.  If I somewhow offend you for any reason, please let me know instead of botteling it up and writting me off as a family memember, friend, accuiatance, blog to read.  I can only learn when I am told of what I do. 

Reaons for the blog:
Keep family updated.
Keep me accountable on my journey to becoming a better woman via Christ. 
Keep me accountable on my journey to becoming a more fit/healthy mom.
I like family history and documentatries. 
I enjoy writting and bringing peace to those around. 
It is somewhere for my thoughts to run free so my mouth doesn't get me in trouble.