Saturday, August 23, 2014

The posts slow down

Summer I had daily post. But now it's becoming a challenge for weekly.  

This morning I heard lots of inspiration about Ephesians and how we need to be in the word.  

I realize I spend so much time on my phone. 

I would like to rest some goals: 

Spend less than three hours a day with media (tv, emails, Facebook, Pinterest, etcetera).  

Eat less than or equal to three sweet treats a week.  

Maintain healthy caloric intake.  Depending on prego or not :) 

Read the word in the morning five times a week 

Workout three or more times a week. 

Anyway.  This week of school I was stressed but still don't come home depressed like I did at other districts.   Plus.  I have two really small classes. Plus.   

Hmm. Pictures 
We went to Kc last weekend with Michael and Ayla Thomas. We had a blast.  

Gideon picked apples with my mom and aunt Becky.   It was hot but he helped for the whole hour and half.  

Enjoying mud on a hot day after I got home from work.  

It's been a great busy week.   Ready for fall. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

School is here ....

Monday - Gideon not only woke up dry at six to go potty but slept in until 8!!  Today was my first day back to school, by choice to get room ready.  Gideon was at my moms until 5:45 :( he had no accidents and a dry nap.  He's been doing better at taking off his shorts but struggles with them.  I am very proud of him.   Two months and would like to say he's 80% trained.  

Tuesday - Gideon has three accidents. Mainly my mom and my owns fault.  But had a fun day.  I spent time at the school. It was my moms bday and we grilled out with family. 

Wednesday - no accidents.  I spent half day in class. And enjoyed time with Gideon. 

Thursday - I got my haircut off! See pic below.   Gideon had an accident free day! 

Friday - spent time with done friends.  Then Gideon went to my parents while we played board games with friends.  Gideon was accident free! 

Saturday - Jeremiah and I had a wedding  to go to.  Then had dinner and got Gideon a beta fish - named George.  Another accident free day! 

Sunday - after dinner we went to our friends house for an authentic Kenyan dinner - yummy!    Gideon got bit by a dog, his fish died, fell out of a bed, and he peed on the bathroom floor by the potty.  Rough day.   But we had so much fun!