Thursday, May 29, 2014

Almost SUMMER!!

We are almost on summer vacation... for me.   Jeremiah will be working for another school district cleaning rooms and getting the school ready for the next year.  I am excited that he will be able to contribute financially to our home and to keep him busy working around people that he can be Jesus too.  

Life is complicated to say the least.  Jeremiah calls them seasons.   I am trying to move on to the next season - and I've realized I've been making changes:

Moving my classroom around getting ready for next year (next season). 
Rearrange our bedroom - different season.
Getting ready to potty train Gideon - starting a new season with him - welcome to being a big boy!  
Being in a girls group and study more about who I need to be to be more like Jesus.

It has been a challening season.  I have never blamed Jesus on what happened.   My faith is still growing.  But what hurts is that I was blamed for not being like Jesus by people who thought they were being like Jesus - and then stopped acting like Jesus... yeah confusing, I know. 

I just don't know what to do.  I am here to please God.  I am here to do Kingdom work.  I am here to serve my husband.  I am here to teach my children.  I am here to love people.  I am here to be like Jesus.  Yes, I can be loud, saracastic..... but I just some how don't understand what happened.  

Prayers.  Ready for Summer - a new season. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Raining awesome Saturday.

Gideon and I were able to enjoy ou Saturday.  Playing with boxes and coloring.  We went to my parents for a cookout where Gx enjoyed playing in the rain.  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gideon's birth story

Gideon Xavier Jones
Born: March 2, 2012 at 2:58 a.m.
Weight: 7lbs. 15oz.
Height: 20 inches
Head: 14.5 inches
Labor time: 36+ hours

"My Story"   Labor from a soon to be born's perspecive;

Wednesday, February 29 (Happy Birthday Heather), night mommy got very little sleep. Finally around 4 she started to count how far apart her contractions were. Around six oclock they start to become 4 minutes apart. Mommy called her mom, Grandma Marwene, to tell her to not go see her parents. Mommy then woke daddy up and told him to call into work for I, Gideon, was coming. Mommy wanted to take a shower and still needed to pack her bag. They left for the hospital around 9 am March 1st and where checked in around 10 am. Mommy was checked and was dilated to a 4. She wanted to have an all natural birth so to progress labor/contractions she went for walks. After an hour she was at a 5, after another hour of walking and contractions she was at a 6, same thing happened for 7. However when mommy hit the dilation of a 7, she was stuck. Mommy went through painful contractions for three hours and didn't progess anymore. She was very discouraged and hurting. She finally "broke" and took the epidural (a drug that makes your lower half of your body numb). She instantly felt much better, still in control but not in pain (just pressure). She then dilated to a 10 very quickly. They decided to give her petocin to make her contractions stronger so that I could come. Luckily she wasn't in as much pain. The doctor said mommy needed to push to get me out. Mommy pushed and pushed and pushed (you should have seen her face). Daddy and Grandma Marwene were there to help mommy through everything. Daddy said later "it was like a war zone!" After three and half hours of intense pushing and true laboring Sue, the on call midwife decided to get Dr. Cox to see what they should do next. My head was just stuck in the canal and kept hitting mom's pelvic bone. Dr. Cox had mommy push a few times, but nothing. At some point as mommy puts it "everyone was running around the labor room and I just yelled, I need to push!!!!!!" So, mommy started pushing and Dr. Cox "reached in" and grabbed me. Daddy said that after I was pulled out my umbilical cord had burst all over the sweetest nurse Julie (mommy said she was her favorite!). I had a low apgar scale because mommy made my birth traumatic, so says the doctors. But I turned out just fine.
I was born at 2:58 a.m. on March 2, 2012. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me, because I'm super cute. Mommy has started nursing me, I like it and eat a whole bunch at a time. I'm a pretty cool baby and just never really fuss.

Today, I had the sniffles so they are monitoring me a bit closer and taking a few test. We'll let you know how things are going. Mommy and Daddy are not worried, so you shouldn't be either! I'm such a healthy boy, going to be a good day!


Welcome the few who read this.  Welcome my thoughts that need to be set free.  Welcome the emotions that need to released.  Welcome the challenge of keeping up a blog (and not losing the passwod).  Welcome all comments - good and bad.   Welcome.  

A little introduction:
My name is Megan Jones.  I use to journal, blog, write ALL OF THE TIME.  Than, I grew up.    But, I have missed it.  I have missed the freedom of sharing  with the world (even though no one reads this anyhow). 

I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 6 years (coming up next week).  Jeremiah and I have had our ups and down without a doubt.  But we are trying to focus our marriage on Christ and we are both trying to live like Jesus - transforming as individuals as also allowed for our marriage to transform into something truly amazing. 

We have an active 27 month old (yes, you just had to do math there to figure out he's a little over 2 years old).  GX is a delight in our lives.  I know most parents brag about their kids - but seriously he is so sweet and understanding and never gives up on solving problems.  I really do think he's the best.   For the summer we have a college student living with us, Matthew.  I am sure he is getting to expereience all sorts of things of being around a two year old.   WAIT, we aren't done.  My husband's brother, Jacob, also lives with us.  That's right there is a 4-1 ration of boys in my house. 

Not only do I take care of our home.  But I also take care of 140 other children.  I teach.   I teach math.  I teach 7th grade pre-algebra.  And, guess what... I LOVE IT!!  We are about to finish up our second year - and I am so thankful that at an early age I knew from the start what I wanted to do with my life.    Although there are days where I want to pull my hair out - I wouldn't change it for the world. 

The little things about me:  I am simple and old fashioned.  I love photography, traveling, and nature.  I am a horrible speller or anything to do with language.  I love polka-dots and fun music.    I enjoy mowing our yard and growing things.  I encourage my family to recycle and eat healthy (eating healthy is a huge struggle hear at the Jones' home). I love cooking for people, but baking is my 'gift'.  I am trying to learn not to take charge/control everything and allow God to take care of me.   I am outspoken, honest, and blunt.  I am working on knowing when to keep my mouth shut and how to tactfully address situtions with my words.  If I somewhow offend you for any reason, please let me know instead of botteling it up and writting me off as a family memember, friend, accuiatance, blog to read.  I can only learn when I am told of what I do. 

Reaons for the blog:
Keep family updated.
Keep me accountable on my journey to becoming a better woman via Christ. 
Keep me accountable on my journey to becoming a more fit/healthy mom.
I like family history and documentatries. 
I enjoy writting and bringing peace to those around. 
It is somewhere for my thoughts to run free so my mouth doesn't get me in trouble.