Wednesday, May 25, 2016


It's been a few months since I have last updated on anything.  

Here is a run down:

Soren - is 11 months old.  He has almost 8 teeth!  He loves to eat, avocado to kiwi and everything in between.  He probably eats better than I do.    He crawls, and fast!  He pulls up on anything and everyone. Just lowered his crib for this reason.   Truly is a happy blessing to our lives.

Gideon - turned 4 and is experience his first 'summer break'.... although it is short for mommy (I am teaching summer school) we are making the most of it.   He DID NOT like soccer but enjoys playing tball a lot.    He mastered everything at school and has developed some great drawing skills.

Jeremiah - finished out the semester and his internship!  He earned all A's and one B!  Incredibly proud of him.  This semester was not easy (on anyone).  He also has started teaching music lessons.  He has students learning guitar, vocal, bass, mandolin, piano - like everything.   This summer he will also be working at a variety of conferences running sound.

Megan - for me, my biggest accomplishment in the last several months is that I completed a half-marathon!  That's right, I ran 13.1 miles.   I finished around 2 hours and 40 minutes.  I was pretty okay with this.  I have been playing the role of 'single' mom lately.   We were ready for summer.  I can't believe I've finished my 4th year of teaching!   And then, here soon, I will be starting to teach some summer school.

Celebrations - we celebrated several birthdays, weddings, recitals, and babies in the past months.  But the most difficult celebration was celebrating the life of my grandpa.  He passed away mid-May.  He went quickly from sepsis (his lungs filled up and stopped breathing).  The fact that he is gone still hasn't made it all the way to my heart yet, like it's not deep enough yet.   It's been really strange because this time around (compared to loosing my grandma) our lives were incredibly full.  I didn't have time to process it.  He was a good man, and he will be missed greatly.

It is almost June.   Life keeps a movin'

God Bless,