Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 9 of summer

Monday - woke up wet at 5:30 and wanted to go more.  Early nap today. But no accidents all day.  Lazy day because I was sick.

Tuesday - woke up wet, wet at nap, hung out with Ayla as I was helping with Jacob get his car tagged.   At grandma and papa.  NO ACCIDENTS 

Wednesday/Thursday - we took a family trip and had him in pull ups most of the time. 3 hour drive.  Limited bathrooms. Lines.  But the whole two day trip we only used five pull ups.

Friday - woke up dry. this morning we went and hung out with our friend laurel and her son ryker.  Came home and Jeremiah made us lunch.  Gideon napped while we organized the garage/basement.  Gideon peed the bed , went potty, and back to sleep.  We had a good evening and accident free. 

Saturday - woke up dry, dry nap. NO ACCIDENTS AT ALL.  Went to pancake breakfast, the park, a birthday party, and out to eat for dinner with my parents for my birthday.  

Sunday - woke up dry, dry nap, no accidents!!  Found out my dear friend heather is getting married!!  After church I ran/walked during Gideon's nap and got ready for a fun night with Michael and Ayla.   Start school next week. Stressed already!  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Week eight of summer

 Monday - NO ACCIDENTS - told us when to potty all day long!   I think he's finally getting it figured out! 

Tuesday - wet morning, wet nap but no accidents.  He almost had one when he drank three cups of water after the park - he told me had to go and wet a little in undies as we were taking them off.  Good day. Gx hung out at my parents in the evening.  No accidents! 

Wednesday - woke up dry.  Went to the movies. Went potty at the movies, old navy, the mall. Dry nap. Great night at parents. ACCIDENT FREE! 

Thursday - woke up wet, dry nap, one pee accident with my mom - she gets distracted with other people, he was on his way to the bathroom. Other than that he had a greet day. 

Friday - woke up dry, had a poop accident. I wasn't paying attention and didn't make him go.  Other wise no other accidents with mom/dad.  

Saturday - woke up dry, had friends over for breakfast than went to the farmers market and a side walk sale, and took out our recycling. No accidents.  He peed in a pull up while we were in the car for over two hours. 

Sunday - I was/am sick so we didn't make it to church.  But no accidents !!  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Week seven - summer almost over

Monday - no accidents!!  Had a great day at the park and playing with daddy.  Wet night.

Tuesday- dry night went to see family. He wet his pull up on the 2.5 hour drive there. But had no accidents all day!  Or coming home. 

Fun with cousins!! 

Wednesday - woke up dry after a long day of fun yesterday.   Peed in our little kiddie pool but napping getting ready to drive 1.25 hours to see my grandpa.  No accidents unless you count the night time drive home tinkle ity bitty bit ;) 

Thursday - after library hour we went to my moms where we shucked corn for EVER! He only had an accident after his nap, but it was in a strange place and we were outside.   

Friday - no accidents. In the evening we went to a BBQ for a family friend who was back from service.  Gideon fell and got two skinned knees. We had fun. 

Saturday - we had a fun morning with watching two kiddos for an old friend.  Little e is the same age as Gideon and is so adorable!  My parents came over so Jeremiah and I could go to a beautiful wedding.  At night my dad took Jeremiah and Gideon to the movies. I wasn't feeling well.  NO ACCIDENTS AGAIN!! 

Sunday - church were Gideon went twice.  At home he kept telling us when he needed to potty. :) another accident free day. 

How do you define potty training? 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Week six - dive into July

Monday - no accidents!  We babysat two other kiddos for a few hours, that was a lot of fun.  Walked to the park and hung out with daddy after dinner.  Day 3 no accidents!   So proud 

Tuesday - woke up dry.  Had a poop accident and a small pee (in pull-up coming home from dollar movies) than a small pee accident at moms.  

Wednesday - woke up dry, had a semi poo (he finished in potty) and than flat out peed at the table at dinner. Sad. It was a rough day in general for emotions too.  Tomorrow's a new day.     I think I might try bottomless again. 

Thursday - woke up dry!  No accidents! We went to library hour. Then to my moms for lunch - when we were driving he asked to go potty and he held it.   We also went to the fair where he ASKED to go with daddy. 

Friday - woke up in the middle of the night, took him potty.  He woke up dry!  Did great all day.  I had a women's bible group to attend while they had boys night. No accidents!  

Saturday - Gideon wet the bed at 4 this morning. But came and told and HELPED ME change sheets!   My dad took him out for guys morning (hair cut, breakfast, farmers market, play with cousin Seth's dogs) and had no accidents.  Tonight before dinner he said potty - but Jeremiah didn't rush him to the potty so he had a semi accident while taking off undies.  But still great he told us.  

Sunday / no accidents.  His pull up after church was wet, but he did try for them, just held it too long.  But that's okay.  Different environment. 

I  so blessed with our little family. 
Love watching them love and bond with each other over books!